TAIPEI| 30th Year Exhibition of Rody Land x Rody Land 跳跳馬30周年大展


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30th Year Exhibition of Rody Land
Address: HuaShan #3East Ebony Winery  [in Huashan]
No.1, Sec. 1, Bade Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Event : 2013/12/21-2014/03/16  1 0:00-19:00
Ticket: Adult Ticket $220
Discount Ticket $180 (65 years old above senior citizens)
Free Ticket: 1. Height under 90cm 2. Disability citizen and one companion

If you are like me wondering what is Rody, here’s a history about Rody and the evolvement of its name. And if you are like me wondering what is Rody, here’s the answer: it’s a small horse. Not a pony, nor a lama, and it’s from Italy. It’s a toy for kiddo to jump around the house and give parents a peace of serene while they keep themselves busy. Can train kid how to balance, how to ride horse, and comes with various colors. I guess I skip this part of my childhood as I have completely ZERO memory of this horse. This year march the Italian horse 30th birthday. The exhibition was designed as the theme of circus in displaying Rody everywhere, don’t forget to look above. Kills lots of memory cards for parents with their kids giggling, hopping, and posing around for pictures. There’s even a merry-go-around outside of the venue for people to ride on to the Year of the Horse.

Rody Land 跳跳馬30周年大展
地址:100台北市中正區八德路一段1號 ・華山東3 烏梅酒廠(華山地圖)
活動時間:2013/12/21-2014/03/16  10:00-19:00


Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

photo 1 photo 2

Happy Chinese New Year to all! We are welcoming this year with the Year of the Horse!

This is our New Year’s Eve meal with the family, feeling scrumptious!

We can’t help but sharing to all, how our Mom is the best cook in the world (because her daughter and son say so), and she really puts effort in making all New Year food from scratch.

It had been a busy 2 weeks for us helping Mom buying ingredients and doing food preparation.

Our grandpa comes from a village besides Shanghai, which is now the suburb of the big Shanghai, where the area is enrich with food due to its nice weather.  This is what we were having last night-extravagent homemade food all by Mom of traditional Shanghainese dishes!


photo 5

photo 3

Mom has prepared this soup for a week! There is a big chicken, dumpling with skin made from egg wrap, meatball, bamboo shoot, and Chinese onions in it.

1st day- chicken bone and chicken feet



photo 4 photo 5

Tong Po Ru. Chinese fatty pork.

photo 1

photo 5

Shrimp with tomato, onion, 酒釀



photo 5


photo 4


photo 1

photo 4 photo 5 photo 3
photo 5















豆芽:象徵財庫滿滿的金元寶。 要將前面的豆芽頭與梗分開,象徵金元寶,花了六個小時將豆芽的頭與梗分開。

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 2


photo 2

豌豆仁與冬筍photo 5 photo 3

富貴滿堂的花椰菜photo 2photo 3








[TAIPEI] AirBnb, From Monaco Sea View to the Luxurious Upper East Side

前幾星期參與AirBnb x Uber活動。這是第一次看到好多部落客的場面,都是好年輕有為的大家!感謝好朋友Taro的邀請 ❤
Went to an event hosted by AirBnb in collaboration with Uber few weeks ago. It was cool to meet other bloggers, they were all very young, nice, and have lots of adventurous stories to tell. Thanks to my friend, Taro for the invite!


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《大學番外篇- 關於實習這檔事》


但似乎台灣企業不重視這一塊,就算重視也會說「需要三個整天」或是「一到五」,只要說明了自己還是學生,是否可以用時數計算,對方都會說「大學生不是都不用上學的嘛?」「大學生不是都在玩嘛?」「大學生怎麼會沒時間來」「哪有人大學在唸書的啊!」 實在讓人無言以對~(os:我學費交假的啊!不去學校最好是會這些以後要用的技能)
這也讓我從大學生時對於一些社會人士的腦袋持著懷疑的角度。 Continue reading 《大學番外篇- 關於實習這檔事》

《大學番外篇- 大二工作ing》



但我就是一個閒不下來的人,I dislike being bored,所以又有以下故事了⋯ Continue reading 《大學番外篇- 大二工作ing》

《大學番外篇- 打工從這兒開始》


應觀眾要求,朋友們鼓勵我寫下接下來您會閱讀到的《大學番外篇- 系列》。
以下本台內容,僅供參考,若有屬實,是天註定的巧合,謝謝。 ❤️ Continue reading 《大學番外篇- 打工從這兒開始》

[TAIWAN] Hey! This is where we are from!


First travel post would be introducing about the place I grow up!

Taipei, Taiwan!!!

Here are some notes, will share more in the days to come.

  1. Where is Taiwan: Lies on the East Coast of Asia.Image
  2. What languages we speak:

*Official languages- Mandarin Chinese(mainly), Taiwanese(mainly), Hakka, Aboriginal languages

**FAQ: What are the differences between: Mandarin & Chinese?

Pretty much they are all the same, as in general we say we are Chinese, we speak Chinese and Mandarin=Chinese.

Chinese is the BIG word term as English is the BIG word term.

If you really want to go inward and realize there are Chinese from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan…then we say we are Taiwanese.

Same in language in general we all speak: Chinese (Pǔtōnghuà) but has different accent as in Shanghai, Beijing (they twirl their tongue more) and other regions as there are:  American English x British accent x Australian accent.

Then to dialect: There is Cantonese (Hong Kong), Taiwanese (from Hokkien region in China, Taiwanese ancestor mostly from there), Hakka (from Guandong region in China, another part of Taiwanese ancestor mostly from there), and native aboriginal.

**** Taiwanese all know how to speaks English, we all learned, but some people may not be that  fluent as not being used as an official language (doesn’t have enough practice), however Taiwanese are very friendly in using gestures or any other ways to let you understand what they are trying to say, no worries 😉

3. What kind of people they are: Taiwanese

*Same with language.

In America, though your ancestors may from other where else, but you’ll say I am American, like we say we are Taiwanese.

4. What kind of letters we write: Traditional Chinese

*** FAQ: Traditional Chinese vs Simplified Chinese.

Simplified Chinese is the mostly used in world now as people learned to write since the strokes of characters is much easier, however can’t trace the origin of how the letters evolve. Traditional Chinese can since it’s the same as it is in 5,000 years ago.

a. moon 月 (yueiˋ)               b. wood 木 (muˋ)                 c. fire 火 (huohˇ)


d. fish 魚 (yuˊ)             e. turtle 龜 (guei) ; turtle in simplified Chinese 龟

f. 囧 (juongˇ)–its just a facial expression with no meanings, hahahaha


5. What is the capital of Taiwan: Taipei

6. How long does it take from flying from North America:  11~12 hrs from LAX (direct flight); Europe: 15hrs from London (direct flight) , 14hrs from Paris (direct flight)  

Taiwan people are being said: the most friendliest country as many has traveled.

Find out yourselves as your next travel destination!!

Post about previous travel: London & Paris will come out soon.

Next destination of traveling will be confirmed next week, very excited of it!!!

以上都在介紹台灣, 應該不用寫中文吧. 😀

下一個旅行地點, 下星期會確認, yea!!!

xxx T