Having more time to spend on computer these days and dozed around, i do found some incredible blogger which inspire me in different way from here to there. Got to exposure to new brands, and special fashion events beside the big ones everybody know.

This is what I came across yesterday, an Italian luxury shopping worldwide shipping e-commerce, began in 1930s in Florence, they do have actual store, it’s flagship in Florence. 

What i thought was cool is: FREE SHIPPING to TAIWAN! and do not need additional Import Fee to pay on delivery.

Not that I am looking for something recently, but it’s always glad to hear the good news!

There is SALES currently up to 70% up!


品牌: LUISAVIAROMA.COM  精品購物。全球運送




但最重要想要跟大家分享的是:免運到台灣! 貨到府上也不用付額外的進口費。

是不是眼睛為之一亮呢?!哈哈 雖然最近沒有要買什麼,但看看總是讓人開心。


FASHION| Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion


Book of the week: Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion

The book talks about how fast-fashion turn everyone’s wardrobe into cheap fashion. Piling in your living room the author realize she has 60+ jeans, but hey, there is only 52 weeks in a year, 1 jean a week your feet will fleet? This book is recommend for girls who often lost their mind when they see SALE! and good deals.

With fast-fashion turning the fashion world into everyone affordable fashion, when there is a pro, there is always a con.

The pro in my opinion would be ending the era of hierarchy in fashion, cos clothes are being cost-down due to high volume of production, anyone can be exposure to fashion, everyone has a voice for fashion, and when seeing SOLDES! SALES! in H&M, Forever 21, Zara, how can you not resist in buying a shirt for yourself which is 5euro and can last for a season, or a Starbucks coffee and gobble it up in 5mins. I once saw a pair of shoes which was 8 pounds, it went wild during the sales, and what left were two un-matching shoe, one size bigger than the other, i still bought it and bargain it to 3pounds, which i only wore it ONCE, ouch it HURT!


Cons would be the quality of fabric is rather bad, since it’s all about not-lasting long (me and Zara never a thing, but will always check out Zara for its latest design), the streets would stand with people having identical clothes, and just NO STYLE AT ALL—–if you concern more twins in town is fashion. The fashion cycle is no more tassel running this year, retro the next, neon the year after, it evolve to they all run in the same year and seems a bit hard to identify what’s the IT of the year.

Looking at the city we live in currently, Taipei.  When Zara zoomed into the city, people cried out “ZARA! ZARA!”, Uniqlo stormed the city, people lined for “UNIQLO!UNIQLO!” and happened the same when newly open Pull&Bear came, surely it’ll happen once again when coming soon GAP in town.

Sometimes I wonder why fast-fashion have established numerous stores and more stores all over Asia, exceptionally detour Taiwan?

Doing homework in learning what you are wearing such as cotton, wool, flax, silk, polyester, acrylic….by learning the feature of different fabric, you’ll know what is suitable for what kind of season. I recalled there was a coat I saw in a store that looks alright, however it SMELL, i checked the tag and was written “acrylic w/ something else”, there I learned the percentage of fabric in clothes effect how it smell, the warmth to our body, from here can also find what is best for you, and what’s more- sometimes you don’t really need a zillion clothes to be you, all you need is the right clothes that can suit in different situation when you put on different accessories, moreover, it is worthy to buy a classic apparel that cost a fortune which is really a bit more than what you have in mind, however for the long run you can wear it for the next 20 years and still be IN. Which do you prefer?

Sincerely, I hope everyone can find their style, tried to have mix and match fun with clothes, accessories, colors with different brand however not just speeding into the latest so called Fashion. We all have a style, those good for someone, sometimes may not be good on you; those best for you and not maybe good on someone. Move on and bring on.



在誠品看到這一本書,他的書名馬上吸引了我的目光。故事在敘述快速時尚如何讓我們的衣櫃塞爆一堆便宜貨衣服,作者把衣櫃裡的衣服全部搬到客廳,一一數有幾件上衣、裙子、外套、更誇張的是:她有60+件牛仔褲,意味著:她每一星期買一件貨是一件多的牛仔褲,請問妳是蜈蚣嗎? 這一本書很適合看到折扣與低價・購物失心瘋的女生。


我覺得快速時尚消除了時尚金字塔,時尚不再是只有金子塔頂端的人可享有與認識的世界,大量生產降低製作成本讓所有人可以接觸這花花綠綠世界,每一個人可以為自己的時尚發聲,更重要的是,當看到店門外寫著SOLDES! SALES!時,誰不會進去喵一眼,看到5歐的上衣而無論大小如何都失心瘋的購買,怎麼想都覺得這5歐是賺到,可以穿一季的5歐上衣與5分鐘就喝完的5歐星巴克咖啡你要選哪一個?別想了孩子,當然是衣服啊! 我曾經購買一雙原價8英鎊的鞋,歐洲人失心瘋時會拿錯鞋子,所以剩下是一雙大小差一號的鞋,我還跟店員殺到3英鎊,心裡雀躍的像小麻雀高興地唱起歌來~ 好景不長,也只穿過一次,我的腳快痛死啦!


不好的地方是,快速時尚強調快速所以布料不會精緻的慎選,反正穿一季就丟(我就是一個無法忍受ZARA的人,不能接受不好的布料,但一定還是會進去欣賞他們最新設計與款式),再來由於大家都在同一個地方消費,都是同一個膜子打出來的父母,路上瞬間多了很多雙胞胎、多胞胎。所謂「今年流行時尚元素』更是不再見了, 今年流行流蘇,明年流行復古,後年流行螢光色的景象都沒了,也再也沒有新鮮感了,因為他們全部都在一年內跑完了!!!

居住於臺北,快速時尚非常慢速的進來美麗的寶島,當ZARA席捲臺北101時,可以感到大家熱眼淚盈筐”終於來啦!” UNIQLO進阪急時,最IN的排隊隊伍迎接新訪客,新鄰居Pull&Bear來時,咱也是這樣招待他們的,接下來的美國GAP我們拭目以待吧!



[FASHION] Happy Socks x David LaChapelle Photography Pop-Up Store

Happy Socks x David LaChapelle Photography Pop-Up Store

Pop-Up Store place:
Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store
Add: No.88 Yang Chang Rd., Xingyi Dist., Taipei City 111
Transportation: MRT Taipei City Hall exit 2, Blue Line.
110 台北市信義區菸廠路88號


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[FASHION] 2013 Christmas- Luxury Commercials


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