Hi Friends,
It has been a while I update my blog, as I’ve been searching for a good layout and my previous hectic work don’t allow me to use my brain on weekend….well…it allow me to keep myself wrap up on the sack.

I built up a new space called:, am still in the midst transferring my post to there.
Also would like to thank all you for still browsing my site, in despite I have not update anything recently, also have me realizing there are many readers out there in need of detail traveling post and post about life. My 大學番外篇 have generate great view, with 《大學番外篇- 關於實習這檔事》 being the highest. I suppose everyone has questions about how to get an intern or how to be an intern? If do can drop a pm at my new website.

And stay tune for my new website and travel adventure, thank you  🙂