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Have been a while uploading a new post.

Life has been fast-forward in working on many things in a day.  Tired, but I suppose when we are doing something we really like. We really enjoy it. And I finally understand the meaning of people enjoying their work.

Went to Japan, Northern Kyushu with my mom few weeks ago. A trip between winter and cherry blossom spring of Japan.

Upon our way to Dazaifu Tenmangu, this wooden, down-to-earth designed caught our attention, and one of the tourist guy in our group told us it’s one of the Top 10 Designed Starbucks in Japan.

Renown Starbucks worked with Japanese Kengo Kuma’s Interior Design Company- Kengo Kuma and Associates, in creating this stylish site with cargo. Standing on main street of Dazaifu, Dazaifu Tenmangu, which is the main temple (there are many side and little ones, but this it the initial one) for people praying for education. How to integrate a modern coffee shop into traditional Japanese street was a big task.

Choosing wood as the base for interior, the designer bring back old days with a modern stylish architect in using woods and bricks criss-crossing in creating a 3D penetrate effects with the ray shining in from outside. The extension of woods made the place look spacious for its ever longing end.


A day where oriental Japan comes together with modern day?  Have a coffee everyone!






咖啡王星巴克與日本設計師Kengo Kuma合作,如何在文人氣息,日式街道與美式品牌做結合是一大考驗。

Kengo Kuma 與他的設計團隊- Kengo Kuma and Associates 利用建築最原始的素材- 木頭,以木塊與木條等形式,錯綜交織於貨櫃空間中,利用3D立體透視視覺感,老天給的自然光,讓空間的視覺更為延長、寬闊、閃爍。






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