OXFORD| A Day Stroll in Town x Oxford University


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We really need some warm pics as its freeeeezing cold in Taipei recently. We’ve been having rain for a week, and the North Pole Vortex has shift it’s way from North America to Asia (well, from the look of my friends’ Facebook on the East Coast, I’d say it’s still there, even saw a -26C in Aurora, WV, where I’ve lived before), we had a 8C which feels like 6C. Still, this is what winter should look like: cold, and cold, and we’ve enjoy the way it feels like, however a bit anxious about the upcoming summer, Taipei turning into a boiling pot as ever.

Stay warm people, bundle yourself up, doze off to summer is what’s in need- Oxford, England.

I’d suppose it’s wet and cold in England now, but the summer is absolutely perfect for an Asian to escape the hot heat in Asia.

Town of the prestigious university, Oxford Uni, Oxfordshire is a university town where the campus’s buildings are built all over the town, turn into a lane and you’ll see another college of the school.

Oxfordshire is an hour and so bus ride from Victoria Station in London. First stop in Oxford is to the Tourist Information Center, we got a map and follow the track to embrace this old university town. (highly recommend MUST get the map) Alice’s Shop is here where the writer, Lewis Carroll wrote the well-known novel Alice in Wonderland. Saw students having lessons in the ancient building and outside in the yard. They say “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.” It came to me as: “The kids are smarter at the other side of the fence.”

It was a 5ish hour walk around the town or even more, snapping pics, I really love seeing old architectures, every inch and corner of the house, the turn of houses and buildings change its style in different era, it’s all about time.

Another thing for lovers of shopper can do is to visit Bicester Village.  The post is written down here as a one day stroll trip in Oxford can be combine with one of the biggest outlet in Europe.

How to get to Oxford: Grab a bus or train from wherever you are and the journey begins.




倫敦城外一個小時多車程的牛津郡是知名學府牛津大學的所在地。牛津是一個大學城,在城裡所逛之處皆可以看到校園的建築物與分布在城裡的不同學院。先到遊客中心拿了地圖,上面介紹如何逛牛津最愜意,大學各個學院的介紹,任何有歷史遺跡的小角落。Alice’s Shop 是愛麗絲夢遊仙境作者譜出名聞遐邇小說的地方。蔚藍的天氣下逛著美麗的校園,不時會看到在古色古香教室內上暑期課程的學生,聽著鳥語花香在草地上上課的學生。

英文有一句諺語說 “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.” 當下的感覺較像是 “The kids are smarter at the other side of the fence.”


另外在牛津郡有著歐洲最大Outlet之一的Bicester Village,有關Bicester Village請看這兒



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