PARIS| Hôtel Drouot 拍賣行


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Hôtel Drouot
Add:  Rue Drouot,  9th arrondissement of Paris
Métro station: Richelieu – Drouot (Metro Line 8 & 9)

Want to have a glimpse of luxury auction? Hôtel Drouot, a large auction house in Paris, known for fine art, antiques, and antiquities, consists of 16 halls hosting 70 independent auction firms is where you should come along when visiting Paris besides walking down Avenue des Champs-Élysées and Place Vendôme for luxury brands.

There’s a list of upcoming auction date, can search beforehand what you are into before coming in case running into a day with no auction, which I am not sure if it might happen or not. Above pic with bubbles of heads and scarfs was Hermès’s auction. And somehow the toilet in Hôtel Drouot need 0.5€, but we all went one after another without shutting the door down the knot after using it or else the next person need to pay 0.5€ for it. I thought finding toilet in Paris was one of the hardest thing on the planet. And was one of the MUST KNOW FRENCH besides greeting Bonjour and Merci. Further will write a post about bathroom in Paris.

There you’ll find the crowd, people who answer the phone for phone buyer, the guy who hold the item, the person who announce the item and description, person who record the list of buyer…’s a busy busy fast working place. Have a look around to see what everyone has in mind and in hand is one interesting thing to watch.

Au revoir!

Hôtel Drouot
地址:  Rue Drouot,  巴黎第9區
地鐵: Richelieu – Drouot (Metro Line 8 & 9)

想一探究竟精品拍賣嗎? 來到巴黎除了大啖美食,逛大街之外,不容錯過體驗「精品拍賣行」。

為在巴黎捷運8號9號線的 Richelieu – Drouot站的Hôtel Drouot是巴黎知名精品拍賣行,16個會堂裡舉辦著70家獨立拍賣行的拍賣藝術品、古董、文物,是逛香榭大道與Place Vendôme欣賞精品歷史時,另一個可以挖寶,尋找精品藝術的遺跡的百寶箱。

這裡有幅列著拍賣品的內容、時間、地點的月曆,在前往出發時可以先規劃想要看的內容是什麼,才不會到時撲了個大空。 上面萬頭攢動的照片是Hermès’s絲巾拍賣。而在Hôtel Drouot上廁所盡需0.5€!但我們一行同學很聰明的在前一個人上完後,不會將門關上,好讓下一個人馬上進去,這樣大家都不要付0.5€了~吼~一定要說在巴黎找廁所是一件很難的事,之後有時間來與大家分享,當然囉,「廁所在哪裡」的法文與認識法文字的廁所是一定要會說與認得得噢!


Au revoir!

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