TAIPEI| 1Bite2Go Café & Deli

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1 Bite 2 Go
Add: No.5, Ln. 21, Sec. 1, Anhe Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel: (02)2751-6628
Open Hour: Mon-Sun 10:00 – 22:00

Having brunch on a weekday is one of the chillest thing on earth, and….a bit showing off to the world while everyone is busy working or studying. Hehehe.

Started the morning digging into Skillet Breakfast, corn beef+country potatoes+bell peppers+2 sunny side ups, the sunny side ups pretty much do the trick, when we saw the ooey-gooey yolk stream into the corn beef…..mmmmmmm…..yummmm! It doesn’t come with the cinnamon roll if you are wondering. The cinnamon roll comes with the Big Deli Sandwich-Roast Turkey&Ham with a drink, coffee or tea of your choice, same with the Skillet Breakfast. Oh..and the Roast Turkey&Ham Big Deli Sandwich? The CHEEEEEEEESE is soooo rich, for cheese lover like moi, c’est votre choix! 

A NY style restaurant extended from Ambassador Hotel Group, it houses brunch with 3 concepts- ‘simplicity, fresh, and healthy.’ Pretty much what busy working Taipei people need for a place to relax and munch with friends. There are 2 stores, we went to the An-Ho Store, there is another one in Shilin, near MRT Shilin Station. For more choice of menu can click above website link to further you into their website.

We love the atmosphere and have our mind set into sitting in the long table with family or friends next time. Isn’t it neat sitting with the gang in a long table chatting and sharing whatever has happened while passing dishes and bowls? This is NEXT on the list.

1 Bite 2 Go 
營業時間:星期一~日 10:00 – 22:00


一日之計從鐵鍋早餐開始,裡面有鄉村馬鈴薯、恬嬌、玉米牛、最上頭有兩顆荷包蛋。最讓人尖叫的是蛋黃留到牛肉裡那一剎那,蛋汁與肉的完美結合 ❤

1Bite2Go 是一間美式紐約風格國賓飯店旗下開的早午餐餐廳,堅守「簡單、健康、新鮮、快速」的飲食概念,以保持食物的原味與鮮度。我們今天是去安和店,另外還有靠近士林捷運站的士林店。想一覽更多的美食選擇,可以點上面連結進入餐廳官網觀看。


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