Chinese New Year’s Tradition| Nanmeng Market 南門市場

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Nanmeng Market (started in 1909)
Address: No.8, Sec. 1, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
[MRT: Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall  exit 2]
Open Hour: Here’s a calendar of when the market will be closed. (The circle red is day off) B1 and 1F will be closed every Monday

Shanghai Wan You Chan (buy ham)
Address: 1st floor of Nanmeng Market, Stall #142
Open Hour: Tue-Sun 07:30-18:30

Where we buy our egg dumplings: in the midst of finding the business card ing, will update after find it

Sorry for whoever got cut by out panoramic.  😦
First of all, we wish every one a Happy Chinese New Year!
May this year be prosperous, flourish in all your wishes, and merrier to the Year of the Horse.

We’ve been so busy helping with Mom buying ingredients and food preparation for the feast on New Year’s Eve.
Our grandpa comes from a small village called Nantung in Shanghai, he is 92 this year, birthday on New Year day, for us this is the biggest day of the year besides celebrating the New Year to come!
It’s been popular these years for people to buy take out New Year food from hotels and restaurants, however it’s a big NO for Mom since she thinks it’s not sincere to celebrate the feast, moreover she is a good cook, she cooks far good than one mass of food. She prepared a full table of Chinese New Year’s food where you can read it here.

We climbed over people and fight our way in Nanmeng Market to buy ingredients , where all regions of Chinese food are being sold there.
Mom said it’s the market where every regions people can find what they need, the first photo is written “North and South Goods”, really a place where various of Chinese food can be find there. Tim and Tiff were both astonished by all kinds of food, however there were many we eat them regularly at home, and at there we realized what we eat everyday are all Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions food. No wonder everytime we visit a Shanghainese restaurant we were like “Uh…isn’t that what Mom just cooked the other day?”
Also, Mom said it was a place for people to buy ingredients when they have guests in the house, they have ingredients that are rarely being sold outside and the finest as well.
Mom told us when she was young, every time she came here, the shop owner would asked her “Having guest today in the house?” and they’ll find the finest food for her to welcome the guest.
They say when you travel- must go to a local market to understand the culture. When in Taiwan, must pay a visit to Nanmeng Market and brisk through behind the scene of Chinese food.

Specifically we were buying egg dumpling, it’s same thing as the dumpling we eat, however the wrapping is made by egg. Mom reminded us we must buy fresh ones, not those that have been made few days ago and lived in the fridge, but ones that were handmade and cook on the spot.
The gold dumplings resemble money and will be put in the main soup we eat on New Year’s Eve to wish everyone Gong Hey Fat Choy, a shiny year with gold.
Another thing was on the list was: ham.
The soup Mom was making need ham to brew the taste, she added a tiny slice of ham each day to make the taste much thicker and thicker. Tim drank the soup and said: “This is what ‘soup layer’ called.”
The sausages handing on the hooks are sausages of different regions taste. A woman yelled out to the shop staff (it’s was busy and loud in there) “What’s the difference between Yunnan (Yunan Province) sausage and the normal sausage?” “It’s stronger taste with more spices.”
We also found raw ingredient of food like fermented glutinous rice (the photo that looks like white bubble), normally what we had are ready-to-cook fermented glutinous rice and eat them during winter times to whisk away the cold, it’s good for ladies, Mom used it this year for New Year Eve dish with shrimp.

Quiet an interesting place, Tim and Tiff had so much fun here, we did come here when we were young, however from the above squishy, squashy photo you’ll find, it’s not a pleasant place for kiddo to enjoy the smelly adult air. We told Mom we know where to find good foods and would initiative come here when our tastebud is on for something now.

南門市場 (始於1909)

上海萬有全 (買火腿)
地址: 臺北南門市場1樓142號攤位
營業時間:  Tue-Sun 07:30-18:30

買蛋餃的店面: 要找一下名片,找到後會更新


Tiff et Tim 祝大家新年快樂!馬年大家一起馬上賺大錢,馬上封侯,萬事如意,事事順心!

這幾年很多家庭流行訂餐廳與飯店的年菜外帶,或是在外面慶祝新年,但是我們覺得過年吃家人親自切煮的年菜就是很不一樣,特別有味,雖然每一年我們都覺得事前準備好辛苦,但吃到那豐盛的一頓時都覺得好幸福。大年初一是外公生日,他今年可92歲囉,來自江蘇南通,很會燒菜的媽媽每一年都會大秀廚藝的燒一桌江浙菜讓外公回味家鄉味。 媽媽過年滿漢全席在這兒。

我們倆在這兒逛得目不轉睛,什麼都想買,發現很多我們平常吃的食材廬山真面目,媽媽詳細的跟我們解釋「平常我們在家吃的菜叫做江浙菜、上海菜、也名為本幫菜」  難怪每一次我們到外面上海餐館時都發著呆對著食物說:「這不是昨天家裡媽媽做的菜嗎?」

金元寶其實是蛋餃,過年時我們會放在湯鍋裡祝大家恭喜發財,財源滾滾。 另一則是火腿。火腿是要放在鍋底調味道的,媽媽炖了一星期的湯,每一天放入適量的火腿,Tim吃了大呼「這就是所謂有層次的湯!」




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