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I am a big fan in Taiwan of falafel already, and eating it in Paris was one of the best meal ever! My friend and I were on a walk around Le Marais and saw restaurants and restaurants of falafel, it got me crazzzzzzzzzy!  We never really plan our trip as we wander around the city, we just thought “Okay, today we wanna start from this Metro station” and begin our journey from there. I think it’s a good way in traveling and not enjoy yourself or others busying wanna MUST go there and here. There were plenty of restaurants and we stop here cos the receptionist amazed me so much! He had a menu with NINE languages on it. He first said “Kon’nichiwa (Japanese)” to me, realized i have no reaction, he then said “Annyeonghaseyo (Korean)” , still no reaction, he said “NI HAO!!!!! (Chinese)”, and I finally smile back ( i am a bit hard to entertain isn’t it, lol) Out of all the falafel restaurants I chose this one, just because I am too amazed by him. To me, I think falafel is very healthy, it pretty much have all the nutrition we need in a meal, and it’s vegetarian, and it’s only uh…i think it was 7euro?! (can’t recall the actual price, but a good deal for a meal in Paris for sure!!!!)

Falafel is from Middle-East, and if you are wonder what’s in a falafel— Inside the pita, there is deep fried falafel with chickpea, eggplants, shred cucumber, lettuce, onion, drizzle sour cream on top…Uhlala

I randomly saw in Taiwan Paris travel book that this is a must eat and choose this store when in Paris. I guess we have pretty good taste out there, know which stalls to choose not even having a travel guide 😉


我在台灣就超愛吃falafel了,能在巴黎吃到falafel,超開心的,它也擠進巴黎行的美食排行榜上。這一天我跟朋友在瑪黑區閒逛,突然看到一間又一間又一間的falafel餐館,讓我忍不住一定要吃一個! 我們逛巴黎時從沒有想過今天會逛到哪,只是說「今天我們從xx站開始逛好不好? 好!」然後就會從那一站開始走,走到哪算到哪。這樣旅遊感覺蠻好的,不會急急忙忙,很享受也很自在,而非一定要去哪裡不可,最後搞到大家都不開心。 剛有提到瑪黑區有超多賣falafel的,為什麼會在這一間停下來,實在是看到站在外面吸引客人的員工的用心。他手上印有9種語言的菜單。看到我經過,他先大聲的對我說「Kon’nichiwa(日文)」,見我沒有反應接下來說 「Annyeonghaseyo(韓文) 」,見我要走人了,馬上大聲喊「你好!!!!」,停下腳步回眸一笑,真是難取悅的一位觀光客。 我覺得falafel很健康,falafel集合我們一餐所需要的所有營養,它是素食,更重要它只要⋯⋯7歐?!(印象價格在這附近,很划算就是了,能這樣在巴黎飽足一餐是很快活的!)




French: fallafel; English: falafel

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