OXFORD| Bicester Village 英國OUTLET購物村


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OPEN HOUR: Mon-Fri & Sun 1000-1900; Sat 0900-2000
*Be aware some shops are only open for browsing in some day or have late opening and early closing.

This is my MUST GO recommend for shopper. Wanna learn about what’s IN in Britain, what brand, department store, what’s out there, your trip is to Bond St. and Regent St. If you wanna SHOP SHOP SHOP, with good deal, this is your final destination.

Bicester Village is an outlet shop in Oxford. There are tons of these outlet shop in Europe, another I went to is in suburb Paris, La Vallée Village (close to Paris Disneyland), I got VERY good deal of Longchamp with a superb camel gold color, another is beige, which both can’t be found in stores. All about luck when shopping in outlet, you see it, grab it, or cry afterwards.

There are more British brand in Bicester Village and more French Brand in La Vallée Village, I guess it might be the same in other European outlets.

I was in a quick rush for the trip since my bus back to London would be taking off soon. I didn’t buy anything, cos I didn’t have a time to think or hesitate, which i like or don’t like, so I was like, forget it, and now i do REGRET it.

The bus from Bicester Village to Oxford town took approximately 15-20mins, there are bus and train from London if you are only on a shopping trip.

For crazy shopper, i sincerely suggest you don’t plan this trip together with a day stroll in Oxford, or else leave more time for the outlet, or completely have a day in the Village if you wanna shop by stores to stores.



營業時間: 星期一~星期五 和星期日 1000-1900; 星期六 0900-2000

這是本人誠心推薦購物者一定要去的地方。如果想要知道英國流行什麼,有哪些品牌,哪些百貨公司,要逛Bond St.和Regent St.。如果你想要一直購物、購物、購物,想要買到便宜又好貨,就一定要來這兒。

Bicester Village 是位於牛津的outlet村,歐洲各地有許多這樣的outlet村,在巴黎時有去靠近巴黎迪士尼的La Vallée Village,我都看呆了,Longchamp包超便宜的,且還有在店裡與台灣沒有的坨金色與肌膚米白色。在Outlet購物,得失心不要太重,有什麼就是什麼,心動了要馬上拿,向隅被搶走後只能哭了。


Bicester Village的品牌以英國排居多,巴黎的La Vallée Village則是法國排居多,我想(這我不知道,因沒去過,但可上網搜尋)其他的Outlet有可能也是同樣的情況,Outlet在哪裡哪國的牌子就居多。

很可惜在Bicester Village沒有久留,因為回倫敦的巴士快要開了。從牛津到Oxford Village的巴士大概行15-20分鐘,如果單純安排一日購物遊,有火車和從倫敦開來的巴士可以到達。

親愛的購物者,誠心的建議不要將牛津一日遊與逛街放在一起,不然時間比例要拿捏好,留多一點時間逛街購物,或是乾脆來個Bicester Village一日遊,這樣才能一間一間慢慢的逛。

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