BATH| A Day Stroll in Roman Spa Town

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Reading the city’s name, I do wonder what there is in Bath. Bath is a city southwest of London, a World Heritage Site, can be visited by train, and is well-known for it’s Roman Spa. In the Roman year when they were expanding and invading others territory, they once set foot and occupied Bath, there they found hot spring, became a popular spa town, the town was then developed with varieties of theatres, museums and other cultural, sports venues. Georgian style architecture can be found here. We had a Sally Lunn bun which it’s a special tea bun have served for centuries.  A walk in the old town, visiting the spa, went to Jane Austen Centre(the lady i took with is Jane Austen), a place intro about her and Bath, when she had lived here for couple of years, the Royal Crescent was a big WOW when seeing the crescent building. If thinking the town is small and only a historical site and a bit bored, a big NO NO, there is this big Apple Store, TopShop..and more.

看字面上的意思,會很好奇Bath這一個城鎮是什麼來著。Bath位於倫敦西南,是一座世界文化遺產的城鎮,可搭火車前往這兒,這裡最為人知的是羅馬浴。羅馬帝國擴張時期,曾經一路向北的佔領到英國南部,在這裡他們發現溫泉,之後蔚為流行成為溫泉鎮。隨著經濟的發展帶來人潮,開始建立劇院、博物館、其他文化和運動場地。漫步在Bath會被Georgian風格的建築包圍。我們在有好幾百年歷史的Sally Lunn享用Sally Lunn麵包,這麵包是從當年流傳至今搭配茶的小點。參觀了羅馬浴,珍・奧斯丁小博物館(照片合影的小姐就是珍・奧斯丁)這裡介紹她與Bath,這個她曾經居住幾年的故事,看到Royal Crescent (皇家新月樓)時心裡不由自主的發出大聲的WOW。若覺得Bath只是個小城鎮、歷史古蹟城,還有一點小無聊,可別這樣說,它還有這麼大的一間APPLE店,更有TopShop,其他該有的都有噢!

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