PARIS| Tartare de Charolais


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A shoutout to my first try of French Charolais bœuf, it’s obviously raw and the reason I wanna try it, however……..unfortunately i didn’t know how to eat it, so the meal went a bit disaster. My friend’s French friend was with us, but she had never eaten this in her life as well..gosh, i am such a tourist, haha. It’s sensational. I sent the photo to my mom, and she said you could have just gone to the market for a ground beef! Oh mother! My friend’s another French friend told my friend later it’s really exceptional when you know how to eat it, and was his favorite dish. He said there is a way to mix the dipping sauce with the egg and beef tartar adding the dash looks-like a kind of pickle on top. Yum.  We did something like this at the restaurant as we put what we saw, and mixing everything together, but wasn’t that tasty. Well, that was my first try of a special French food, still gonna try it when i go there next time, and be sure to ask someone professional who knows how to dine it and hopefully have a marvelous experience.   Bon Appetit !

第一次食用法式生牛肉。當然是看在他是生的份上想要嘗試看看,但因為不知道怎麼吃,所以是一餐災難。朋友的法國女生朋友跟我們一起用餐,但她說她從出生以來也沒有吃過這兒,更不用說知道怎麼搭配食用,這時就自嘲自己是觀光客,什麼都要試,呵呵。把照片回傳給媽媽看,她問我「為什麼不去市場買絞肉自己打生蛋?」媽媽!!! 後來我朋友跟她另一位法國朋友敘述了我們這一餐,他笑說「那超好吃!」他說生牛肉與蛋打在一起,再與旁邊的醬汁混著,最後點綴旁邊像瓜類在最上頭。其實我們也是這樣吃椰,畢竟看到什麼就放在一起,但似乎沒有對到味。哎啊~下一次有機會到法國,一定還要再去吃一次,一定要問會吃的人這要怎麼吃,再與大家分享了! Bon Appetit!

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