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A getaway holiday from London to explore other cities in England.

Leeds which I recalled was a 4.5 hour by bus from downtown London. Took Megabus, the early you buy, the good deal you’ll have out there.

It’s the birthplace of Mark & Spencer, home of the worldwide British retailer. There is a M&S Heritage Museum in University of Leeds, unfortunately wasn’t open the day I visited.

I didn’t know the city that much except knowing have the well-known University of Leeds, where my friend was studying there, other from that, I read articles from here, who are my guides in exploring the city. My friend said “every Taiwanese student studying in Leeds all have this book.” Didn’t saw the book lying on her table until the last few day, it’s alright, we still gone on adventures.

We went to the WHARF, which is written on the book, as word written, yes that is what it is, but what’s more was it felt like we went the wrong way, where we went seems like walking in a underwater ground, which was apparently above the ground, eventually we did see the big block words Granary Wharf and knew we were in the right place, whew, there’s always some goosebumps along the way in journey when aren’t sure where you are at.

The golden mailbox is to celebrate an 2012 Olympic gold winner from Leeds, as you see there are 2 golden mailboxes, there were 2 golden winner from Leeds in the 2012 Olympics.

There is the main street where basically brands can found there, so no worries for ladies who are anxious about it might be a small town, bloody it’s not, and there is Asian market here! My friend studying in Sheffield now said “LEEDS IS BIG!” And yes, this depends on where you just came from or where you are settling at the moment.


這一天來到里茲 (LEEDS),從倫敦到里茲坐客運大概4.5個小時。當時是搭Megabus去,早點兒買票會有早鳥優惠噢!

這裡是英國零售商巨匠Mark&Spencer的誕生地,而在里茲大學(University of Leeds)裡有M&S 紀念博物館,可惜我去的那一天沒有開。

來到里茲前,對於這城市有些陌生,除了知道有知名學府里茲大學(University of Leeds)外,平常從這裡認識里茲。我的朋友跟我說「來里茲唸書的學生,人人都有這一本書。」最後幾天才在朋友書桌發現此書,但自己走走還是展開了很多冒險。

我們去了書上寫的WHARF,顧名思義是碼頭,但我們怎麼走都覺得好像走錯路一樣,在地上的地下水到行走,最後終於看到Granary Wharf 幾個大字才鬆了一口氣,但的確嚇了我們一身汗,不知身在何處。


里茲有一條主要街道有很多品牌,對於很怕這是一個小城鎮的女孩們~不要擔心!妳要的東西這裡可是都有噢,還有亞洲超市!在Sheffield的朋友說「Leeds 很大耶!」當然這就見仁見智,攸關你目前所在位置,怎麼想囉

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