YORK| A Day Stroll in the Northern Fort of England

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York is a 10-15mins train ride from Leeds.

For travelers hopping from place to place, and we know time is precious, York can be explore in a day.

It was the northern fort of England from Scotland, the town is surrounded by walls, felts like Robin Hood actually.

The famous LITTLE SHAMBLES of Harry Potter was said to taken place here or used the idea of it into the movie.

Betty’s Tea Room, almost a hundred year old British tea house is one of the highlight of the town, moreover they didn’t stop by for a British afternoon tea as must need reservation in advance or its always full. Their black tea is really really exceptional, had a tea bag back in Leeds at friend’s, I felt sad I didn’t get some back home.

One of the pic with many ladies wearing in pink wig is actually a celebration for bride-to-be’s bachelorette party- HEN PARTY.  British called the celebration Hen Party and the ladies would take off a weekend to make the century. All of the ladies are dressed some way identical with each other, it’s pretty cute actually, some would even said ” I am Beth’s best friend since elementary school” and all these histories they had with each other.

What I like most about the city is the symbolization of the town, lost my vocabulary here, like the flag and shield in the old days would have the design in telling the enemies: We are Yorker!  Can find it in some photos back up there, if someone know what the actual vocab is, please tell me.

The old day, old town is what can be found in York.




哈利波特有一幕遊走在非常窄小的巷子 LITTLE SHAMBLES 據說是在這裡取景,還是說以這個地方當做題材,有一點忘了兒。

擁有近百年歷史的BETTY 茶館是城裡最為人知的景點之一,沒有來這兒享用英式下午茶,因時間來不及以及一定要提前預約,遠近馳名的它常常客滿。回到LEEDS後朋友泡了一杯Betty的紅茶,它的紅茶濃純香,超好喝!

有一張照片裡有很多女色帶著粉紅色假髮,有猜到他們在做什麼嗎? 他們是在慶祝新娘的單身派對!英國人的單身派對稱作Hen Party, 新娘會與三五好友規劃一個回味無窮的週末。新娘的好友們的打扮都會很相似,很特別的是他們會在衣服上寫字,有看到有人的上面寫著「我從小學就認識Beth了」,這時看來會覺得好感動。



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