SELANGOR, Malaysia | 5days4nights trip 魅力雪蘭莪2014旅遊博客競賽徵選!


Tim and Tiff have been to Malaysia these years for international volunteer and business trip.  We both took AirAsia, the biggest Low Cost Carrier in Asia for the trip and had a pleasant experience on board.
Our friend saw this cool travel competition on Selangor Tourism Website and shared with us. We wanna explore more of KL and here written out below is our travel itinerary.
We aim to know the culture more, indulge more of the food, shopping and good night sleep in awesome stars hotel in KL.
This travel itinerary is suitable for people that wants to relax, shopping, food, and good hotel in KL!

Here is it: 5days4nights 2014/1/16-20

DATE Day116 Jan (thu) Day217 Jan (fri)SELANGOR>> Thaipausam ( Indian Festival Celebration) Day318 Jan (sat)Kuala Lumpur>> City Hop x Shopping x Culture x Storlling Day419 Jan (sun)SELANGOR>>F1 and Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort Day520 Jan (mon)SELANGOR>> Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort & KLCC Airport
MORNING Breakfast: Around the area Breakfast: Chow Kit Wet Market– Chow Kit Market Breakfast: Hotel’s or around the area–       Usage of hotel’s facilities in the morning or go to Sunday market-       Check out at noon Breakfast: Hotel’s– Usage of resort’s facilities in the morning- Check out at noon
AFTER-NOON – Flight:D7373 TPE-KUL15:55-20:40 Lunch: Indian Food1400 BATU Cave Tour (local tour)- Batu Cave, Selayang Hot Spring, Silver Leaf Monkeys and Fireflies Tour Lunch: Malaysian/ Nyona FoodAfternoon Tea:  ACME BAR & COFFEE –       walk around the city-       Little India, Petaling St. (aka China Town), Central Market, Masjid Jamek-       Historic venue of the town Lunch: Grab something along the way to Sepang– Go Kart, Sepang- Check in atGolden Palm Tree Iconic Resort Lunch: Skip lunch, grab lunch-n-dinner in the airport–       Be at the airport at 15-       Check in around 16
EVENING – 2040Arrival in KUL- arrive in the city+hotel around 22-23ish Dinner: Seafood dinner (included in the tour) Dinner: Dining in the dark or Jalan Alor– Shopping in Golden Triangle Dinner: Hotel’s or around the area– relax in Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort (take about 1.5 hour from KUL to here) Dinner: Old Town at the Airport– Flight: D7376 KUL-TPE1805-2245
ACCOMO-NDATION Le Apple Boutique Hotel Le Apple Boutique Hotel Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral Hotel Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort Home sweet home!


DAY 1 第一天
Landing at KLCC around 2040-2100, it’ll be around 2300 after arriving downtown and check in the hotel. Have an early sleep to begin the journey!

DAY 2第二天
Grab local breakfast (or hotel breakfast if it’s included) and off to climb BATU Cave. We will have a stroll around the area and catch a local tour to Batu caves and a boat for fireflies adventure in the evening.
這一天是印度節慶-「大寶森節」。在飯店附近享用早餐,在街上走走了解飯店附近概況,下午搭乘local tour前往Batu Cave及晚上在河上來一趟螢火蟲探險!

DAY 3 第三天
Start the day in Chow Kit Market and off to Masjid Jamek, Petaling St, Independent Sqaure to explore the diverse culture in Malaysia. Shop in malls of Golden Triangle. Dining at Jalan Alor or Dining in the Dark for a surprise in our sense of taste and enjoy the city twilights with the hotel’s roof top pool.
一日之計在於晨,從邱奇市場開始感受馬來式市場,再到吉隆坡最古老的清真寺Masjid Jamek,獨立廣場欣賞摩洛哥式建築物,茨廠街的中國城看馬來人怎麼準備中國新年與買好吃的肉乾!接著前往金三角圈購物,晚上到亞羅街或是Dining in the Dark來一趟驚豔味蕾的一餐,最後到飯店頂樓游泳欣賞吉隆坡夜晚。

DAY 4 第四天
Morning swim in the pool then off to Sepang to race in “Go Kart, Sepang.” Enjoy the splendid Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort after a nice race and relax in the pool.
在check-in之前到頂樓游泳池游泳。前往馬來西亞F1賽車場,瘋狂的玩Go Kart, Sepang賽車與場館介紹體驗。這一晚的住宿到吉隆坡最著名的棕櫚飯店,住宿於海上屋。

DAY 5 第五天
Chill in the resort till check out time. Check in at the airport, shop around at Duty Free, and grab dinner in Old Town before boarding. Can have a last bite of Malaysian food and save expense for on board dining. Time to go home! Thanks for Malaysia for a wonderful time!
來到馬來西亞行程的最後一天了!一早起來享用飯店設施,午後check-out便前往機場準備check-in. 在機場check-in後在機場旁的Old Town吃晚餐,逛免稅店,便啟程回台灣囉~感謝馬來西亞給我們超棒的旅程!


#1 TPE-KUL/ KUL-TPE: AIRASIA will take us back and forth from Taiwan to Kuala Lumpur.

#2 KUL (Airport)-Downtown: Bus or Fast Train
There are two ways to reach the downtown from the airport 有兩種方法從機場到市區:
*Be aware there are 2 airports in KL: one is KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), the other is LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal)of AirAsia’s. Check where you are going, and what you are taking to prevent last minutes freaking out.
#a SKYBUS    
– the red bus is right outside of LCCT terminal on the right. 迎接你到市區的紅色巴士在出機場外的左手邊。
#b KLIA Express   
Express train from KLIA to downtown KL. 搭乘快鐵從吉隆坡國際機場到市區。

3 Strolling around the city 市區晃晃:
Mainly we will take the metro, which is called MY Rapid 
There are three lines: Ampang Line, Kelana Jaya Line, and Monorail Line!
在市區逛逛時,主要會搭乘MY Rapid ,有三條線Ampang Line、 Kelana Jaya Line和 Monorail Line。

#4 KL- Go Kart Sepang & Go Kart Sepang- Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort
– taking the taxi seems to be the perfect move to go here and there, or we will asked upon arrival to local about transportation

#5 Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort- Airport
– Hotel’s shuttle bus 飯店接駁車


Accommodation 住宿:
We plan to stay in AirBnb or Tune hotel in the beginning, however after checking room rate which was only a few dollar less than a hotel, we gave up on them, moreover found out there are many great stars hotel with great deal here, so decided to stay in hotels during our stay in KL. Having a great night in bed is essential when traveling, it double your energy throughout the trip and make a trip much pleasant.
我們一開始是計劃要住在AirBnb或是Tune Hotel 來一趟小資旅行,但是發現房價與很好的星級飯店沒有差很多後,決定住在吉隆坡市區的飯店裡,且吉隆坡有很多很棒的星級飯店,價錢不會很貴,來旅行除了是遊玩,也是來放鬆,體驗當地好飯店,睡好可以讓旅行活力加倍!

#1 Le Apple Boutique Hotel
– Address: 42-3, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50250
– Weblink:
– Price: MYR172.39/night (from Agoda)
– Thought it’ll be awesome to check out a boutique hotel and found this hotel with great deal and what’s more located in the Golden Triangle Area aka the shopping area. A good location to rest between attractions and have metro station in nearby distance.
– 我們發現這一間價格不錯,重點是位於黃金三角的精品旅館!逛累得可以回飯店歇息,飯店不遠處就是車站,搭乘捷運前往各地都很方便。

#2 Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral Hotel
– Address: No 5 Jalan Stesen Sentral, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50470
– Weblink:
– Price: MYR380/night (from Agoda)
– The neon modern hotel interior and the roof top pool was what it caught our eyes and made us want to stay here. It’s a 4 stars hotel in Starwoods Hotels&Resorts Group attracting young travelers (like us!) for a chic night.
– 飯店的設計吸引了我們的注目,更重要是頂樓的無邊際泳池讓我們很心動。這是一間Starwoods Hotels&Resorts Group下的四星級飯店,主要客群就是喜歡現代風格的年輕人(我們!)

#3 Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort
– Address: No 67 Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang, Kg Bagan Lalang, Sepang (KLIA Airport Area), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 43950
– Weblink:
– Price: MYR520/night (from Agoda)
– An ultimate resort just an hour outside of the hustle and bustle city, the iconic palm tree design resort is a lure to escape from the city life and we want to chill within it, even if we aren’t far from the city.
– 位於吉隆坡一個小時車程外便有棕櫚樹飯店~好快活噢~ 此棕櫚樹飯店讓想要離開喧嚷城市的人們,只要一小時的路程就有一個很好的放鬆地點。我們一直很想要體驗水上屋,現在就來馬來西亞體驗囉~


Food  食物:
Besides below list, we have a list of food we wanna try- nasi lemak, roti canai, satay, tandoori, roti gala…scrump scrump!
– Address: The Troika, Jalan Binjai, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
– Weblink:
– We enjoy checking out new café shop around Taipei, and want to do the same thing as we travel abroad. Looking up on the internet, ACME BAR & COFFEE is the Winner of the Best New Restaurant in the Time Out KL Food Awards 2012, saw many recommend from bloggers and website, they have great brunches, however we are here to check out it’s afternoon tea/coffee and phenomenon.
– 平常在臺北我們就很喜歡嚐新咖啡館,來到吉隆坡我們也想嚐嚐吉隆坡的咖啡館~ 在網路上看到這一間榮獲Time Out 吉隆坡評選為2012年的最佳新餐廳,也看到網路上很多人推薦,他們有很好吃的早午餐,但我們是要來這兒品嘗下午茶。

#2 Dining in the Dark
– Address: 44A & 46A, Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.
– Weblink:
– A whole new experience while dining in the dark, start off in NYC and buzz over to the heart of Asia in Kuala Lumpur, we can’t wait to have a surprising night wonder what the dish have in surprise for us and enjoy our tastebud away. There is classic and vegetarian set menu to choose from, and we hope to choose one of each to try them out.
– 全新餐點體驗- 在黑暗中吃飯!從紐約開始現在來到吉隆坡,我們迫不及待想要嚐嚐主廚在黑暗中為我們準備的料理,來一場驚豔味蕾的饗宴!有兩種菜單- 經典與素食,因為想要兩種都品嘗看看,所以我們兩種都會點。

#3 Alor Street
– Address: Jalan Alor, 50200 Kuala Lumpur
– Night market in Kuala Lumpur. We will indulge ourselves in hawk stands, have satay, any Malaysian food we can find out there. Scrump, scrump!
– 吉隆坡也有夜市噢!這一晚我們到亞羅街吃吃喝喝,嘗儘馬來式的夜市,沙爹我們來也~~

#4 Old Town
– Address: Outside KLCC
– Weblink:
– Having 50 years of history, Malaysian chain café shop provide the finest white coffee to the world and we are here to have a zip, as well as fill up our stomach with supper before going on board back home sweet home!
– 擁有50多年歷史的馬來西亞白咖啡連鎖店,在搭乘飛機前往臺北前,來一杯白咖啡,最後一晚馬來西亞食物,再跟馬來西亞說掰掰囉~

#1 BATU Cave 黑風洞
– Address: Jalan Batu Caves, 68100 Jalan Batu Caves, Selangor
– After 272 steps and climb into BATU Cave which is an essential prayer site for Indian, as Malaysia is a mix culture of Malay, Chinese, and Indian, going to Indians cultural site with less than an hour away to understand more of the culture is a crucial stop when visiting KL.
– 印度教之朝聖地,要到達黑風洞前要爬272個階梯(天啊~想到就好累),馬來西亞是一個文化大熔爐擁有馬來人、華人、印度人,搭乘捷運來到此可以感受鎔爐中的印度文化。

#2 Masjid Jamek
– Address: Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
– The oldest mosque in KL having Morrish architecture. Experience muslim culture in the mosque.
– 馬來西亞最古老的清真寺,來此認識回教文化。

#3 Petaling St 茨廠街
– Address: Petaling St
– aka China Town in Kuala Lumpur, a glimpse of how Malaysian-Chinese prepare the Chinese New Year which is right around the corner.
– 茨廠街也就是吉隆坡中國城的所在地,來這感受馬來華人怎準備中國新年。

#4 Shopping in Golden Triangle
– The Golden Triangle area from KLCC to the shopping area in Bukit Bintang, there are numerous shopping area from Fahrenheit 88, Berjaya Time Square, Starhill Gallery, Low Yat Plaza, Sungei Wang Plazea, LOT 10, BB Plaza, IMBI Plaze to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. We just can’t wait to shop till we drop here from Tiff’s fav Forever 21, Cotton On to Tim’s TopShop, unfortunately we don’t have these fast fashion shops in Taiwan, and here we go!
– 黃金金三角是從KLCC到Bukit Bintang一帶擁有超多百貨公司- Fahrenheit 88、Berjaya Time Square、Starhill Gallery、Low Yat Plaza、Sungei Wang Plazea、LOT 10、BB Plaza、IMBI Plaze和 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur。這裡有最高檔的精品到評價流行服飾,更重要的是有Tiff最喜歡的Forever 21, Cotton on, Tim的TopShop,這些都是台灣還沒有進的品牌,就讓我們在這兒盡情的購物,滿載而歸回家吧!Fahrenheit 88, Berjaya Time Square Starhill Gallery, Low Yat Plaza, Sungei Wang Plazea, LOT 10, BB Plaza, IMBI Plaze to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

#5 Petrona Twin Tower
– Address:Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur
– Weblink:
– The tallest twin tower in the world that shines the city through days and nights. We will lift our way up to the Skybridge (Level 41&42) to hover over the city and to stand in the tallest suspended twin tower bridge in the world.
– 世界上最高的雙子星塔,可以到第41層和第42層樓,來此俯覽整個吉隆坡,與行走在全世界最高的雙子塔連接橋上!

#6 Alor Street
– Address: Jalan Alor (in Bukit Bintang, near Golden Triangle)
– Night market in Kuala Lumpur near the Golden Triangle Area to indulge in Malaysian evening with a night of hawk stands and a jolly stomach back home.
– 臨近金三角的夜市就在亞羅街上,來此享受一番到地馬來西亞美食!

#7 Chow Kit Market 邱奇市場
– Address: Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
– the largest wet market in KL, also known as the Red District of KL, seems we will find here a great deal of local food to start off the day.
– 馬來西亞最大的wet market,此地區也是最著名的紅燈區,來此可以找到超值的當地美食,並感受吉隆坡市場。

#8 Go Kart, Sepang
– Address: Jalan Pekeliling 64000 KLIA Selangor Darul Ehsan
– Weblink:
– Kuala Lumpur being one of the Asia stop for F1, fast racing in F1 race track is a life time experience to remember. We will have a Karting in the afternoon and take a ATV Circuit Tour (approx. 120 mins) to challenge each other and race our life.
– 吉隆坡是一級方程賽車亞洲站的一站,來此體驗賽車的樂趣,並搭乘ATV來一場園內遊覽~

Expenses 花費

Category Name Fare Item Total
Transportation Flight (TPE-KUL/ KUL-TPE) AirAsia Sponsor 2 NA
Metro/ Train/ Bus/ Taxi 150MYR/person 2 300 MYR
Accommodation Le Apple Boutique Hotel Deluxe Zen Twin MYR172.39 2 (nights) MYR344.78
Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral Hotel MYR440 (w/breakfast) 1 (night) MYR440
Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort MYR531 (w/breakfast) 1 (night) MYR531
TOTAL MYR1315.78
Attractions ATV Circuit Tour MYR125/student, MYR150/adult (Behind the Scene Tour) 1 of each MYR275
Go Kart N/a Price Xxxx
Batu Cave Tour MYR220/person (MYR200 if have 4) 2 MYR440
FOOD Dining in the Dark MYR118/person 2 MYR236
Other breakfast, street snacks, lunchs MYR150 2 MYR300
TOTAL MYR2866.78

Spent most of our expenses on accommodation and transportation, the rest will be food and emergency expenses.We maximize most cost so hopefully in reality everything will be lower than we have planned. Cost approximately MYR2866.78(NTD26,297) for 2 people, MYR1433.39 (NTD13,150)


Hope we get chosen and explore the diverse city of Kuala Lumpur! =)

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