[LONDON] The Gentlemen Club x Pall Mall

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The Gentlemen Club Area
ADD: Pall Mall St
Underground:  #1 Piccadilly Circus Station (Piccadilly line) and
                            #2 Green Park Station (Piccadilly line, Victoria line, Jubilee line )

No photos in this blog as it’s forbidden to take photos and MUST turn off, yes turn off, not turn your mobile to silent or vibrate mode but TURN OFF when you enter.
這一篇網誌不會有任何一張照片,因為在Gentlemen Club裡是不能照相、講電話,手機更不能開機,不能偷閒想說開震動或靜音就好,門都沒有~因為這兒管得很嚴,進來手機就是要關機。

This is where I’d say really all about “class”, and a place to see the empire Great Britain in the old days.
In the Pall Mall area, there are buildings that firstly when I hang around the area thought they were banks. Modern banks in historical building was what I had in mind (actually the scene of the bank in Harry Potter was what;s in my thought), seems got it totally wrong-  they were actually the Gentlemen Club area aka Pall Mall, the street’s name.
來到Gentlemen Club 百年紳士俱樂部真的看到所謂的階級制度,以及大英帝國一路走來的風風雨雨。
在Pall Mall 一帶有許多看起來像哈利波特電影裡銀行的建築,心想:「大概就是以復古的外觀,做現代化的事」,卻似乎不是這麼一會兒事,可錯的徹底了~ 這裡其實是Gentlemen Club (紳士俱樂部)的所在地,也稱作Pall Mall因地名而命名。

Wikipedia said–  ” A gentlemen’s club is a members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for British upper class men in the 18th century, and popularised by English upper-middle class men and women in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Today, some are more open about the gender and social status of members. Many countries outside the United Kingdom have prominent gentlemen’s clubs.”
維基百科說:「紳士俱樂部最初設立於18世紀英國上流社會,為男性會員制的私人俱樂部,在19世紀末和20世紀初普及於英國中上階層的男性和女性。如今,對於要入會的性別和成員的社會地位更為開放。而在英國境外更有許多國家有知名的紳士俱樂部。」 (本人翻)

This is what I love and try my best if can is- let the local take you a few days out when travel, they’ll tell you more of the history (perhaps AND the gossips), the evolve of the area, and many more which obviously won’t be written on the guide book.

The look, the accent, the tone of their voice somehow speaks they are in THE better society, they are in the upper part of the pyramid. Auntie wants me to listen how they speak carefully, she said ‘THAT is very British” as she means in the classical way. And the wigs….seen on portraits hanging on the wall.

We went to a club well-knowned to be the betting place of fiction Around the World in 80 Days..
We sat in the hall waiting for E, the member of the club to arrive. Must wait for her to take us in.
Walking up the stairs I gazed down the hall, smoothen the fabric on the stairs, the marble statue of many i-forgot-his-name, the portraits with wigs and Victorian style dresses hanging on the wall. This is really British, magnificent, living in the era, and I am blown away being able to set foot to this member-only private club that has lived out the British history as here was once the shelter of the British government during WWII.
坐在走廊上的復古椅等著E來,只有會員能帶我們進去。  前往餐廳的台階上,柔順的布料,大理石雕像,許多帶著白色法官假髮與穿著維多利亞時代的人像。 突然覺得這一切好像在夢境一樣,能夠進來這裡,走在大英歷史上,19世紀建立專屬紳士的俱樂部,更曾是第二次世界大戰大英政府的臨時辦公室 。

We have an entrée, soup, main dishes, dessert, coffee/tea in the end.

I must shout out this is the best Western food environment I’ve eaten as far as I can remember.
I had lamb which is highly recommend here. The waiter asked if I was mint or jelly aside, and i got this blank look (and i really want to dig a hole at that very moment), jelly?!
Auntie explained to me about having mint/jelly to remove lamb’s smelly itself, I mean i do understand the mint but jelly was what I got so confused. So..its a British thing- they have jelly aside of the lamb to brighten up the favourite. As I have never tried jelly with lamb, Auntie asked the waiter if can serve me both for me to tryout. I recalled i like the jelly a lot, berries flavor, very different from the mint, both turns out scrumptious. *I do wonder if they call them waiter or waitress, seems to me sounds a bit impolite to put them in this category. (yikes!!!!)  Credit to E who chosen our wine, she knows the thing, the first time where i felt wine and meat combines very well, not separately wine is good and food is good.

阿姨跟我解釋,吃羊時通常旁會有些配料來去羊腥味(這兒我知道),而我們在大英這兒吃羊呢–是搭配果凍!這好特別噢!原來除了我們常見的薄荷以外,盡然有果凍這選項!由於我從來沒有吃過羊配果凍,所以阿姨請服務人員給予我兩種醬料,各半讓我嚐嚐看。果凍是粉紅色由莓子組成的,與另一旁綠色的薄荷成強烈對比,它們倆配羊的口感各有各的風味,都很好吃~ E姊姊也為我們大家選了一瓶美酒,這也是第一次讓我有感的覺得:酒與食物完全的對味了! 而非分開來的-酒好喝,美食好吃。

Remember we said about no phone or photos in the beginning? Unfortunately E’s phone started to ring when she went to the ladies room, oh boy….the face on her husband’s freaking out, well…pretty much the whole table freaks out, and yes, this is how anxious or felt the insulted eyes looking at you when your phone ring.
記得前面有提到:進來俱樂部時手機需要關機與不能拍照嗎? 很不幸的,在E姊姊去洗手間十大響,她似乎忘了關機,手機響個不停,E姐夫嚇得臉都歪掉嘗試著按所有按鈕要關機或接電話,但似乎過於緊張沒有一個按鈕是對的,配著我們一桌驚恐的臉,裝鎮定的不想被別桌鄙視(啊!)

Heading out, E walked to the coat room, I wondered what it was and E led us in. To wear formal apparel as ladies would be dress, high heels and man would be in his suit, tuxedo, shiny polish shoes is essential when in the club. The dress code is very strict, as you are not allowed to enter if you happen don’t have the above, however the coat room, truly as written is where you put your coat, also is a place to change your outfit to the formal wear, if you happen need to. E came here right after work so she brought her dress, high heel, and cluch in her bag for the occasion.
離開時E姊姊到了 coat room,我很好奇是什麼,E姊姊便帶我進去看。顧名思義是放大衣的地方,另外因進來俱樂部的dress code非常的嚴格:女生一定要小洋裝配高跟鞋,男生一定要是西裝,燕尾服與磨得發亮的皮鞋,所以若沒有穿以上衣服,可以到coat room換衣,是一個緩衝裝扮的地方。E姊姊下班直接著OL裝過來,先到coat room換正式服裝,才能進來。

Walking out the Pall Mall area, it’s my first time seeing London at night, cos summer daylight is so long in Europe, I never get to see the evening of the city. On our way to Green Park station for home, we passed a few luxurious hotel, Lamborghini, stylish ladies toward their next hop…….the night of London dazzle as we wander across the floor….
踏出俱樂部門外是我第一次看到倫敦的夜晚。夏天北半球的日照很長,歐洲的太陽都10多才下山,那時的我通常已到家了,等不到夜晚來臨。在前往Green Park車站的途中我們經過了好幾間知名奢華旅館,Lamborghini,打扮的漂漂亮亮要前往下一攤的女兒們⋯⋯閃耀在北緯51度西經7度的倫敦夜晚⋯⋯

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