[FASHION] Happy Socks x David LaChapelle Photography Pop-Up Store

Happy Socks x David LaChapelle Photography Pop-Up Store

Pop-Up Store place:
Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store
Add: No.88 Yang Chang Rd., Xingyi Dist., Taipei City 111
Transportation: MRT Taipei City Hall exit 2, Blue Line.
110 台北市信義區菸廠路88號


“Happy Socks on your feet, nothing gonna stop the beat.” —-by tiff et tim
「穿上Happy Socks, 沒有任何事情能阻止你前往遠方的步伐。」

Isn’t it people (inmitate move from Happy Feet dancing)

Happy Socks from Sweden is officially in Taipei! As Taipei is not a fashionista city like Hong Kong, Tokyo or Bangkok (naming the Asian cities of course), it’s always exciting a new brand is in town.
This is one part I am desprate about fashion in Taipei, there isn’t my lover N。1 Forever 21, which is absurdly sad cos the whole Asia HAS Forever 21, and why skip us out(hey you!), needless to say H&M and Cotton On.
從瑞典來的Happy Socks 正式來台灣囉!台灣的流行有時候(哎,應該是從我小時候,以及應該是常常非有時候)讓我非常失望,總是找不到自己想要的風格,與其它亞洲城市香港、東京、曼谷相較之下我們總是慢非常多拍。我最愛的Forever21,整個亞洲都有它們的店面,唯獨台灣缺席這場盛宴,更不要說H&M或Cotton On.

I knew Happy Socks from Tim, when they don’t even have shops in Taiwan yet. His morning happiness from the mix, match, bold, jumpy colour, and shapes.
Tim would always wear it and show off by rolling his jean upward to give others a sneak peak of his chic.
會知道Happy Socks 是因為弟弟再它們還沒有進來台灣之前,朋友從國外帶回來給他,而認識這個品牌。他每天早上快樂的泉源就是:穿上這雙富有鮮豔色彩,設計圖示,與花樣的襪子。

Happy Socks is a Swedish brand start off not long ago in 2008.
To me Scandinavia is a very mysterious place as it’s very up north, and have their unique craftmanship ‘simple is the best’ style. This Scandinavian brand is the same, however with a vivid color contrasting. I think what’s best about it is really can light up your mood from the moment you put it on. The quality of the fabric is cotton and well wear.
Happy Socks 是2008年創辦於瑞典的品牌。北歐對我而言很神秘,有它獨特內涵的吸引力,在設計方面有它獨有的文化—「簡單就是美」。這一次要介紹大家的北歐品牌,除了可以從簡單的線條與形狀感受北歐魅力,還多了很多色彩與撞色。個人覺得一早,很不情願的離開被窩時,有Happy Socks在不遠處等待你,實在會讓kimochi好很多,迎接美好的早晨!Yay! 當然還要跟大家分享是由精梳棉及其它布料組成,穿起來很舒服噢~


What’s more and I really really wanna tell you about is this pop-up store!!!!
Happy Socks x David LaChapelle Photography Pop-Up Store in Taipei Songyan Eslite Book Store from now – 10 Feb 2014.
最最最重要的是從現在開始到2014年2月10日在誠品松菸有Happy Socks 與攝影師David LaChapelle合作的Pop-Up store展覽。


I just love it. It’s a petite exhibition, and I hope you enjoy it like I do!
The last photograph is my favourite pic. Can you notice how the model on the very right twist his body that show half of his butt and still have his front straight?! You go model man!




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