[TAIPEI] AirBnb, From Monaco Sea View to the Luxurious Upper East Side

前幾星期參與AirBnb x Uber活動。這是第一次看到好多部落客的場面,都是好年輕有為的大家!感謝好朋友Taro的邀請 ❤
Went to an event hosted by AirBnb in collaboration with Uber few weeks ago. It was cool to meet other bloggers, they were all very young, nice, and have lots of adventurous stories to tell. Thanks to my friend, Taro for the invite!


看到了之前就認識的Ivy《完美旅行、小資女30天圓夢趣》 新面孔很聊的來的Stephanie《THE THOUSANDTH GIRL》
還有之前就有在關注的部落客Lena《Lipstick Catwalk》新認識的fashionist Alex《The Alex Style Diaries》還有好多新世代blogger, 但可惜時間不夠沒有跟每一位講到話
Saw old faces- Ivy 《完美旅行、小資女30天圓夢趣》who I’ve known in my previous job; new friend Stephanie 《THE THOUSANDTH GIRL》 who resided from New Jersey back to Taiwan; fashion blogger Lena back from studying in FIT, who i’ve followed before 《Lipstick Catwalk》, new friend Alex who writes fashion in a guy point of view 《The Alex Style Diaries》,  I wish there were more time since there are other great people whom I didn’t get a chance to talk with.



Also must share this beautiful venue in Shida, called 《Good Design Institute》 Its like an indoor greenhouse, very beautiful, have new up-coming designer’s work exhibition, a great place to chill for an afternoon.

What is AirBnb?

When preparing for my Paris trip last summer, I wrote an email to family-friend’s Parisienne daughter about accommodation, and she introduced Airbnb to me saying “This is what French uses these days for traveling!” Well…as I was gonna stay in Paris for an entire 30days, living with AirBnb is totally out of my budget, and I was grateful for my Parisienne girl friend N and her family for their hospitality in inviting me and letting me staying at their house for a month.  Few months ago when my Filipino colleague came to Taiwan for a visit, we stayed with AirBnb in a convenient place near MRT Taipei City Hall Station with great budget, the room and shower were clean, it’s a pleasant experience.

AirBnb is a new platform to book your accommodation, its said can book from tent, treehouse, yacht to luxurious cozy home. Live like a local, experience a new way to accommodate yourself when traveling.


Joel from AirBnb began the evening with an initial of the start-up and how it evolves and what it brings to us. I, myself truly love the story of how it begin, I guess its all about a try, a great mind and vision, and adventurous to kept things going. Can google yourself about the story! Afterwards we have Stephanie and Ivy on stage sharing their AirBnb experiences to the crowd.

Stephanie是這暑假去歐洲旅行時,會特別選幾天與家人住AirBnb,她說到了巴黎,會想要live like a Parisenne, 而AirBnb讓她達到此需求,與全家人住在巴黎漂亮的房子裡,房東把房間佈置的很漂亮,早上她媽媽也很悠閒起床的為家人做早餐,好像巴黎當地人一樣,而她媽媽說「在這歐洲旅行中,不是去過哪些地方,與看了什麼讓她最感動、反而是住AirBnb的那幾天為全家人準備早餐的回憶是最另她印象最深刻的。」
Stephanie說能一家人住AirBnb很划算與巴黎其它鼎鼎大名星期飯店Ritz-Carton, Mandarin Oriental…等相較之下,此划算許多!
她很可愛的說,她在出發前,每一天上課都心不在焉的打開AirBnb app 尋找房子,在桌子底下驚呼連連,心花怒放~
Stephanie used AirBnb for her previous summer trip in Europe. She said besides staying in affordable places for the entire trip, she would choose a nice cozy local accommodation to experience in living like a local, going to the market in the morning, her mother making breakfast for the family in an elegant Parisienne home and chatting across the dining table. She asked her Mom after the trip what was her most memorable experience during the entire Europe trip, out of her surprise her mom said “of course the places they’ve went were awesome, historic, however the AirBnb experience was no.1 on the list as it was just memorable to experience such a chill French life, making breakfast for the family and laughing at the table.” Stephanie said it does seem the accommodation was a little bit higher than her nomad stay, however the landlord that offer the house/apartment have great decorations with great nice view, what’s more have kitchen, which compare to stars hotel like the Ritz-Carlton, Mandarin Oriental these are totally nothing and worth the penny.


Ivy呢,這一年到處趴趴走,為了省住宿與想要體驗當地生活亦是選擇AirBnb. 她會計劃一天的住宿費,尋找符合自己的期望,以及與夥伴平分後的結果。 記得她說她去日本時,房東剛好住隔壁房,聊的相談甚歡,到現在還有聯絡呢。
Ivy is a girl who has been traveling with friends this past year and as a graduate student, she would try to cost down her budget for accommodation and had chosen AirBnb during some of her stays.  She shared her trip in Japan and Australia- the landlord lived just next door during her stay in Japan and they would chat through mid-night about culture and anything that comes about, what’s more they still stay in touch till now. During her stay in Australia, she….should i said was very pleasure? to encounter the devastated monsoon rain which was stated as a record for the decade, and the roof started leaking and i think the roof collapsed or something like that, anyway she took photos of the unfortunate room and emailed it to AirBnb and the landlord. Fortunately, she met a decent landlord who was very responsible in saying sorry and didn’t charge her for the stay, and even helped her with finding her next home. There are nice people out there, and she was glad she met one.


這次聽了兩位女孩們的分享,讓我超級蠢蠢欲動~ 感覺那時在巴黎時,該找幾天在外面住,享受在巴黎市區起來的清晨。
Man….I should have tried at least a day or two with AirBnb when staying in Paris. These two girls shared their wonderful experience and really trigger me. Can’t wait to try out AirBnb next time when traveling abroad!

下一次旅行時可以選擇AirBnb噢~ Choose AirBnb next time to try out a local living when traveling!

剛用AirBnb 找到幾間美美的住宿/ Here are what’ve i’ve just found in AirBnb App: (all currency are in NTD. 30NTD=1USD)

#1 摩納哥/ Monaco:

天啊摩納哥!全世界數一數二的小國家,走在路上隨便一台車都是跑車,似乎隨便看一眼的男性都是帥哥,陽光撒在美麗Monte Carlo街道上。晚上呢~住在此海景房間,面對著地中海,聽著海潮起潮落是否有聽到滿載而歸的漁夫,或準備在遊艇上開派對的型男型女們⋯⋯一切都是這麼愜意,遺忘世俗,享受當下。

Bonjour Monaco! Its a small country and a town of luxurious car, living, people, yachts……Can you believe waking up in the morning by the Mediterranean, yanking your arms, open the window, the smell of the sea, the ray of the sun waiting for you to start this glorious day? Hello….it’s MONACO! Living a life like a F1.     


#2 米蘭/ Milan


WHAT! This price at downtown Milan? Pack your bags folk and ready to roll to Europe! Here I come……!!!!

image-4 image-5

#3 紐約/New York City

啊~~~就是這個了!這就是我夢想中的紐約房子!住在市區大廈的高樓裡,外頭有個小陽台可以與三五好友聊天小酌一下,更重要的是一定一定一定要有一片落地窗!整個城市的街景一覽無意的儘收在眼前,自然的光線入家裡,可以住在紐約上東城更好不過了!似乎下一個Queen B的時代要來臨了,篡位!

THIS…..is absolutely what I am talking about when traveling to NYC. Living in a high floor apartment, having FRENCH WINDOWS, a balcony to sit and chill in watching the sunrise and set of the City, of course why not stay at the Upper East Side to be the new Queen B in town? Yay!





更多訊息儘在:AirBnb Website, AirBnb Facebook Taiwan/  More news at AirBnb Website, AirBnb Facebook Taiwan


按這個連結你可以收到759TWD的優惠,當你預訂房間時我也會收到759TWD. 所以就是大家彼此分享, 訂越多, 我們都能有更多優惠環遊世界;) Yay!

Can click this link as my referral to you, and you’ll receive 759TWD, when you book for a room I’ll receive 759TWD as well. The more we share, the more we both will earn, and travel more around the world 😉

什麼是Uber呢? 請看《Taipei》Uber: Your New Classy Transportation in Town
As written in the beginning, AirBnb hosted the event with collaboration with Uber in taking care everyone’s transportation. What is Uber?  Check《Taipei》Uber: Your New Classy Transportation in Town to know more about it!

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