[TAIPEI] Special Edition Ice Cream on FJU School Anniversary

Yesterday was FJU, my alma mater anniversary, which is always held on the first Saturday of December.

(Photo Credit: 輔大Fairy Tale 年曆臉書粉絲團)
FJU is known for having “beautiful girls.*” The Photography Club came up with a project having these beautiful students portrait for the upcoming year calendar in donating the income to charity has been the highlight for the day. Besides having beautiful students on campus, the Dept of Food Science sell “special edition flavour ice cream” on this special day.
*Why is FJU known for having beautiful girls? It goes way back and main reason is there are more girls in the schools than boys and of course result in dress up more and perhaps comparison.

The line for the “special edition ice cream” has been well-known during my first year in campus. However, it really takes time just for some ice cream cones, and it’s seems much easier to have a lick from someone else’s, isn’t it?

Well, well….things have changed as I listed out some must-do before leaving the campus and every year’s limited ice cream was on the list.

今年是畢業後第二次排輔大冰淇淋,今年的特殊口味是:玫瑰鹽紅茶拿鐵& 檸檬火龍果。
It’s the 2nd time in line having the limited flavour ice cream. The flavour this year is: Latté and Dragon Fruit with lemon.

Finally got the tickets after 3 hours @@


此兩枝冰實在得來不易,之中發生了許多小插曲(哭)因為要拍照關係,我連掉兩次冰。第一次是想要冰淇淋交差拍,突然聽到後面女生們”啊~”尖叫,冰淇淋倒在我的衣服上⋯ 囧。大家都傻了,馬上補一支。第二次拍弟弟照片,我的冰硬是又掉了,弟弟拿著空的甜筒回去,大家問「又掉了?!」⋯謝謝好心學妹又補我一支
Um…it seems when you want something really bad, there is no easy way to get it. There were tragic side stories with these two cones.. >O< My bro and I were so excited in taking pics of it, trying to pose cones in a shape of X, and then i heard girls behind me gasp a bigggg “Ahhhh” and wham…my ice cream landed on my dress.  I got a new free cone from the girl..and…..while i was taking pic for my bro, the ice cream started to melt and…whammm, on the ground again. (gosh) My brother rush back with the cone and all the girls in line gasp “not again?!” It takes luck to have these ice cream…

Above is this year’s edition.

Let’s have a look back the special edition ice cream in 2011.
The ice cream were honey-orange and peanut butter milk.

Also a long lineeeeeeee.

Besides having special flavors on school anniversary, there are chocolate and vanilla on school days. Must come on school days, since the ice cream shop is operated by the Food Science students.

Fu Jen Catholic Univerisity
MRT: FJU Station (orange line)
No.501 Zhongzheng Road., Xinzhuang Dist., New Taipei City 242, Taiwan

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