[TAIPEI] Godiva Chocolate Culinary Class

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‘Life if like a box of chocolate. You never know what you are gonna get.’- Forest Gump

‘人生如同一盒巧克力, 你永遠不知道你會拿到哪一顆”- 阿甘正傳

小時候很喜歡跟媽媽一起在家製作cheese cake (藍莓, 巧克力, 原味), 水餃, 豆花等等;  婆婆帶我去上烹飪課,  總是癡癡等待試吃時間,  因為小孩都可以第一位享用(哈哈); 在美國轟媽教我製作布朗尼, 從園子裡拔羅勒葉製作松子青醬義大利麵以及在中國新年時燒了一桌給22位親朋好友享用, 這時候非常想要一個超大廚房讓我盡情揮灑廚藝~~~~~

I recalled enjoying time in kitchen with mom making cheese cake (blueberry, chocolate, and regular flavor), dumpling, soya pudding; grandma would bring me to culinary class, and you’ll see this little girl eager for tasting time, since children go first (lol); during my exchange year in the States, my host Mom taught me how to make brownies, picking basil from the garden do homemade pesto spaghetti, and cooked 22people serving dishes for Chinese New Year party, and now…..all I want and dream of is a BIG kitchen to brush my culinary skills and to share with family and friends.

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Few weeks ago I saw this culinary class posted in Xue Xue Institute collaborating with Godiva- “Make Your Own High-Eng Chocolate” class, and signed up immediately bringing mom with me.

老師是Godiva亞太區巧克力大師, 他非常詳細地從巧可力的起源可可樹, 可可豆, 可可可生長的緯度說起, 讓我們瞭解當你在享用美食的時候, 可別傻傻享用, 要懂得欣賞與瞭解, 進而教我們製作巧可力該注意的事項與細節.

Godiva Asia Connoisseur Master was our teacher, he started off by introducing the origin of cocoa from beans, places to grow in briefing us while enjoying your taste bud, don’t forget to know a little bit about what you are eating, and appreciate about it, further more he taught us some “Do and Don’ts” of making a chocolate.

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當老師說:我們今天要做3種巧克力時, 我整個眉開眼笑, 難掩興奮之情, 一直傻笑.  我可以感覺我媽覺得有這一種女兒真的是吼~

“We are gonna make 3 kinds of chocolate today.”From the edge of the table, you can find a girl can’t help smiling thinking about what she can indulge right after class, after the master announce our class of the day, and my mom was looking at me giving a “geeee” face.

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找個週末可以與媽媽或是姐妹們一起去上廚藝課可以增進感情, 以及享受自己製作食物的樂趣.

Find a weekend and enjoy the day with your Mom or besties in cooking!  It’ll be a day to remember enjoying the time together.

Website: http://www.xuexue.tw/

Xue Xue Institute

No.207, Sec. 2, Tiding Blvd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



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