[TAIPEI] Mazendo 麻膳堂

紅油燃麵/ Spicy Noodle

Mazendo 麻膳堂

***NEW STORE OPEN 2013 12/24 in Xinyi across Vieshow Cinemas
Mazendo’s #2 store open in Xinyi! Your new choice for a bite in between movie, shopping around the area with new stores-Pull&Bear, Zara Home!
麻膳堂二號店- 威秀  昨天在信義開幕了! 昨晚在附近吃飯剛好看到,那附近除了可以看電影、大排美國甜甜圈、逛新開的Pull&Bear, Zara Home, 平價精緻的麻膳堂也來了,是在信義享餐的新選擇!

這麼說或許有一點小誇張,每一個月一定會造訪一家餐廳一次,只要有到東區就直奔麻膳堂。(上個星期還一周吃3次 yum!)
A bit crazy to begin with: I’d visit this restaurant at least once a month (came here 3 times last week!), I’ll come here everytime when hanging around East District in Taipei, my top restaurant on the list, and my favourite comfort food after work.

photo (5)
麻膳堂外面永遠排滿著人,我沒有一次去是不用排隊的。 它是現場排隊,不接受訂位。全部人到齊一起進去,就算過號了,之後朋友來時跟前面領班說一聲,他就會協助安排下一個座位輪我們。 我通常都會排,排過10-40分鐘不等(很有耐心的排),在外面等著時跟朋友聊天很開心,排隊此事拋到九霄雲外,只是有時候真的肚子好餓噢!

There’s always a great line outside of Mazendo. It’s a no reservation restaurant, first come first serve, and can go in when all of your friends have arrived. Sometimes your number may had past while waiting for your friend, inform the waitress when your friends have arrived, and he/she will arrange the next table for you.

麻膳堂菜單/ Mazendo Menu
Ha! Have a shot of this menu last time, when my classmates were already waiting outside and some of us was still on my way, she ordered for us, and everything was ready when we arrived at the restaurant. Aren’t we efficient?

菜單/ Menu
菜單/ Menu

我超喜歡它們的辣油與麻醬,一定會點一份水餃跟一份麵,至於今日要是紅油燃麵+麻醬水餃,還是麻醬麵+紅油水餃就看當天的心情了! 它們的麵很有彈性很Q,醬汁非常香,每一次都是衝著它們的來的。
My favorite dish is their spicy and sesame paste either noodle or dumplings, both are delicious. The dumplings are handmade, and the noodles gives you this chewy and elasticity feeling. I always order spicy noodle+sesame paste dumpling or the other way around sesame paste noodle+ spicy dumpling, either way depend my mood of the day.

紅油燃麵/ Spicy Noodle
紅油燃麵/ Spicy Noodle
麻醬水餃/Sesame Paste Dumplings
麻醬水餃/Sesame Paste Dumplings


Last time my friend and I tried their fried rice, it’s soooooo yummy putting the sesame paste sauce inside and mixing it up, totally open my appetite!!!


Photos of dish have tried recently, sorry I forgot some of the dish’s name.

牛肉麵/ Beef Noodle
牛肉麵/ Beef Noodle
忘了名字了/ Forgot the dish's name ><
忘了名字了/ Forgot the dish’s name ><

朋友後來跟我說,此家店是流通教父7-11徐重仁先生兒子開的,近期Cheers的一篇文章徐先生有提到,他有時會在店裡舉辦創業講座,昨天facebook麻膳堂的文章時, 發現也曾舉辦品酒會。
Great price great food is the reason I come here often.
My friend told me later this restaurant was open by retail store 7-11- Mr.Hsu’s son. In the previous Cheers magazine (it’s a Taiwan business magazine) article, Mr.Hsu has mentioned he held entrepreneurship seminar here, I facebooked Mazendo’s fanpage and saw they had held wine tasting event as well.

photo (2)

It’s a restaurant providing food to comfort us with great service, and the sustainability concept of the restaurant and future entrepreneur making it special for us to come back often.

photo (3)

Previous 7-11 CEO Mr.Hsu opens this page to share and pass it forward his knowledge in business, creativeness in innovation, and experience of entrepreneur in encouraging everyone to fulfill your dream and make it come true.

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