[LONDON] Great WestEnd Musicals Deal 倫敦音樂劇

For those who love Musicals, you’ll absolutely love this post 😀

This is one thing I love so much about London- Musical ticket are so cheap!!!
A much reasonable price for sure compare to when musical performs in Taiwan with seat faraway, and can’t see the whole stage with telescope, and can’t…etc etc etc.
That’s why I went crazy and saw many musicals in London.
An average price from 15£– (huge), when in discount around 15£-40£ for a ticket, and with a pound or two for admin fee.
This is the website I bought my musical tickets from, there are packages to choose as well, ex: Ticket+Meal (afternoon tea, dinner before show start etc…take your pick!)
Besides theatre can book your city breaks, spa..etc as well.
I remembered I went to watch Ghost- 25 £ ticket+meal, and if only want to buy ticket during that time was 25 £ as well, so why not grab a dinner before the show start!
我最愛倫敦的一部分- 音樂劇好便宜!!!!
記得看第六感生死戀時,我買的票是25 £(票+晚餐),當時如果只買票也要25 £,那何不選有晚餐選項呢?

Currency: 1:48/ NTD:Pound
#1 Wicked 15£
#2 Chicago 25£
#3 The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe 27-29£
#4 Les Miserables 40 £
#5 Ghost 25£
#6 No. 6 (I remembered I saw 6 musicals but cant remember who is no.6 and the price, or is it my imaginations 。‧(>_<)‧。
Around 160£ for 6 musicals+admin fee, that’ll be NTD8,000!
Absolutely priceless since a musical in Taiwan with good seats always start from NTD3,000-NTD4,000 up!

There are other classic ones beside above ones- The Lion King, Mamma Mia, The Phantom of Opera..and some that came out last fall or this spring. Sometimes the musicals are time limited, only shown during a period of time, so when in London check out shows you like before it ends!
除了以上有去看的音樂劇,還有獅子王,Mamma Mia,歌劇魅影,有些是去年秋天或是今天春天剛上映的。有時有些音樂劇是限時的,只演出一季或是幾個月,所以別錯過想要看的音樂劇噢!

Prices vary of the time you purchase. I bought it when there was a promotion for 2012London Olympics drawing people into theatre to celebrate great summer fest in the evening, a 2 months special price tickets from 15£. And of course in this website you’ll always fine great deals.

Below are new musicals that came out last fall…too bad I didn’t get to see it
以下是去年暑假離開後新的音樂劇 (哭)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory    巧克力冒險工廠

Thrillers                                              Michael Jackson金曲音樂劇

Viva Forever                                       Spice Girls辣妹合唱團音樂劇

Let it Be                                               Beatles音樂劇



No photograph allowed in the theatre, one musical for one theatre, the stage and the audience distance are close, you won’t complain about can’t see a thing, except performance in big theatre like Wicked having Z row(no worries about being too faraway, even a better view to feel the stage effect), and for The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe was held in the park in a circus tent!
Beyond words to describe how awesome it was to watch musicals in different formats of stage, the sounds, lighting, and stories pretty much made me had tears in the end…this is to Les Misérables!
Fun to rewind memories of all song in musicals 🙂
Intermission was the fun part of all, there is a bar inside the theatre with people indulging champagne, and ice cream man selling boxes of ice cream in audience.
It’s quite interesting, normally in Taiwan is no food allowed inside, no spilling, no this and that..well I guess it’s intermission fun time here in London!!!

劇院裡不能拍照,基本上都是一部音樂劇一個劇院,舞台跟觀眾席很近,別怕看不到,除了像Wicked有到Z排(但不會看不到,反而可以感受整個舞台魅力的震撼),而納尼亞The Lion, the witch and the wardrobe盡是在馬戲團帳棚裡表演噢!

Don’t forget to stop by London WestEnd to embrace musicals!

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