[UNITED KINGDOM] Transportation in UK 英國交通

As commodity price is high in UK, to save transportation is “be an early bird”, plan your trip early, know your date and time of travel.
The ticket is “float fare” depends on the date (popular travel date/ holidays), time (a normal traveling time not like midnight), and how many people had bought this tickets.
英國消費力在任何地方都高, 想要在英國好好規劃旅行就要當早鳥兒”, 越早買票越便宜.
這一個觀念在亞洲還沒有很盛行—“早鳥兒”, 且大家也會覺得好莫名為什麼要早買, 早規劃, 但是在歐美很多地方票價都是會根據旅行時間(是不是熱門日期, 假期), 好時段 (是否三更半夜), 及多少人已在這時段購買而有票價浮動的現象.

Here are buses/coaches+train/plane (British people called them: ‘coach’)

以下是英國客運+火車+飛機的一些資訊 (英國人稱客運為’coach’非bus噢)


Bus/Coach 客運



There is Megabus in UK and in the US and Canada as well, can use it when you are traveling to these two countries also, what’s more they have free wi-fi!
I planned my travel early around April-May, it was absurd that my round-trip from London to Manchaster was only £2.5( including £0.5 transaction fee)!!!
Megabus除了在英國有, 美國, 加拿大也有, 好處是: 有免費網路!
暑假出去, 我四五月就買了從倫敦到曼查斯特的票, 很誇張的來回只要£2.5(包含手續費£0.5)

Ex: (see below) 請見下表範例

london trans1

**National Express Coach


I would compare the price within Megabus and this, however sometimes Megabus doesn’t go to the destinations I want to go and I’ll buy this.
除了Megabus 還有這一家, 因為有些地點Megabus沒有到, 我就會買這一家, 或是比較兩者的時間與價錢.

national express

***Student Agency Bus


This would travel from London to other places in Europe, however the hours on bus is longggggggggggggggggggg, can think about taking trains or plane.
這一家可以從倫敦坐車到其他歐洲國家, 但是旅途是長再加上長啊, 建議價錢若差不多搭飛機就好囉.


Train 鐵路

In Europe they are very generous to youngster as thinking they should go out to explore the world more that young adults 19-26 all have a special price, however you have to buy a young adult card for discounts.
26 includes if you are 26 years old when traveling= as long as you are under 27
歐洲對青年人很友善, 鼓勵年輕人要多出去走走看看世界, 對19-26歲的青年人有青年票, 但是這是要買青年卡才有的優惠價.
26歲包含正是26歲的人在旅行, 意思是只要是27歲以下都可以用這一張票.

*National Rail 英國國鐵


**Virgin Trians 維珍鐵路


I kinda forgot how it go, anyway the train lines in UK is massive and operated by different companies depending their routes and area. Above are some I still remember, remember to check all the train line, since I remembered one operate from London-Edinburgh takes 9 hours, and found another one only 4.5 hours…huge differences!
英國鐵路很複雜, 每一條是由不同公司負責的, 有一點忘了哪一條是哪一條的, 但是請多查查, 記得再查怎麼從倫敦到愛丁堡有一家鐵路公司開9小時, 另一家開4.5小時 ..差別很大噢, 所以多查多查.


Airlines 航空

This is a budget trip, below will introduce budget airlines in UK and Europe.

However, two things have to be aware:

  1. The ticket is “float fare” depends on the date (popular travel date/ holidays), time (a normal traveling time not like midnight), and how many people had bought this tickets.
  2. There are 6 airports in London. Don’t get confused and be aware of the distance where you live and how transportations will take you there.

The 6 airports are: (the first 5 are the majors)

  1. Heathrow International Airport
  2. London City Airport
  3. Luton Airport
  4. Stansted Airport
  5. Gatwick Airport
  6. Southend Airport


這是本人畢業旅行, 所以非常謹慎於花費, 不然就破產了, 以下介紹在英國與歐洲的低成本航空


  1. 要買低成本航空機票就要當 “早鳥兒”, 票價會根據旅行時間(是不是熱門日期, 假期), 好時段 (是否三更半夜), 及多少人已在這時段購買而有票價浮動的現象.
  2. 倫敦有6座機場, 不要搞混它們在哪兒, 及需要多少時間與其它交通工具可以讓你到達那兒

此六間機場(前5座是主要的)是Heathrow International Airport, London City Airport, Luton Airport, Stansted Airport, Gatwick Airport, SouthEnd Airport


Easy Jet is the largest LCC (low cost carriers) in EU, flying 203+routes to over 61 cities within Europe to Baltic Sea. Fares start from €20, early birds can grab tickets from €20~€60.


Irish well-known LCC in Europe has many routes, often has discounts, fly from Ireland, UK to 17+ airports and 50+cities in Europe.


One of the largest LCC in UK, mostly fly domestic in UK, international to Spain, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, starting fares from £20. I think the look of the aircraft is very cute!
英國三大廉價航空公司之一,主要飛往英國國內、西班牙南部、荷蘭與捷克,機票價格20英鎊起。 這一間我覺得飛機超可愛, 可惜後來沒有機會搭到..慘念

There are many great ways to explore UK without making a hole in your pocket.

Bon Voyage!

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