and Here we go!


Dear friends and families!

Happy New Yearrrr to 2013!!!

In the beginning of the year, I decided to start: a travel blog!

Traveling has been a great part of my life, I’ve enjoyed it and has pretty shaped up my personality. During uni years, I’ve traveled to quite a few places, in despite of start working now, nothing is gonna stop me from traveling!!!

Want to share with all about destinations, cultures, in a way we can step in different cultures’ shoes in seeing thing.

This blog will be in ENG and CHINESE, so that everyone can read it!

Hope you enjoy 🙂


– Taipei, Taiwan


hiiii 新年快樂!


我很喜歡旅行, 大學期間旅行去了一些地方, 現在雖然開始當每週40小時的上班族, 但沒有事情能阻止我去旅行!!!

在這裡會與大家分享旅遊的點點滴滴, 不同文化的差異等, 希望能瞭解不同文化.

這部落格會以 “中文” 與 “英文” 呈現, 這樣大家都能看

希望你會喜歡, 請多多指教噢!

– 台北 ˙ 台灣

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